Week 24 – Gratitude

Here we are in week 24 of the Master Key program.  As I look back, I can see that I have come a long way in owning the core concepts of the course.  Although I knew that what and how I think plays an importanta role in how I experience life, I didn’t recognize the degree to which this is so or understand why and how it is so.

As we wrap up the formal part of our journey, I am grateful to Mark, Davene, Trish and everyone else who played a role in bringing this program to fruition.  The careful planning they put into this course brought great value.  The guides played a key role, as well.  A special thanks to my guides (Dan and Jeanna) who were patient with my struggles and always encouraging!  And the program would have not been the same without my fellow participants who contributed immensely by sharing their stories and insights all along the way.

I look forward to the graduation session and to future interactions with the amazing group of people who participated in this session.


Week 21 – Rebellion: Being in it to let it go.

Recently, I had found myself in full out resistance to doing the exercises and completing the requirements.  Now granted, I was sick for a couple days, but that was only a couple days.  In my mind, completing all the MKMMA exercises was directly in the way of progress on other priorities.  So I must admit, I took a little “vacation”.  And put another priority first.  I’m not going to say this was a mistake, because that priority NEEDED some attention and the results were, in fact,  what I wanted in that area.

I think it is significant, though, that I decided to not fight my resistance, but to just be with it and let it be.  So after I threw my little fit, I feel less resistant and am ready to get back to work.

Here are some interesting observations from the last couple of weeks:

The universe gave me absolutely solid excuses for missing things:  I was sick, so for a couple days, I did absolutely nothing.   Then there were direct scheduling conflicts between business operations and the Sunday webinars, so I had to then catch up by watching the replays.

But the universe also sent me a few gifts towards advancing my DMP:  new customers, new opportunities to promote my business, new training opportunities to facilitate reaching out to more people, and an exceptional opportunity to continue personal development beginning in March.

A realization during this time period is that it is absolutely imperative to grow personally to realize my DMP.  So I surrendered to the fact that I must invest in myself to achieve my goals – even if it costs me precious time and money to do so.  I already KNEW this.  Now, I am okay with actually DOING it!   So here I go!!!

Week 20 – Roadblock!!!

Week 20 has already passed as I write this.  I found myself in great resistance to doing ANY of th exercises (more about that in the next post).   Scroll V was (and is) a difficult scroll for me – not because there is anything in it that seems wrong to me, but because of my response to it.

Rather than feeling inspired, I felt under great pressure to perform.  As in “Oh no, only one day left!  And I have soooo much left undone!!!  How can I get it all done?  I don’t even know where to begin!!!”   This response scatters my thoughts and makes concentration impossible.  This is in stark contrast to Scroll III, from which my takeaway was “one step at a time is not too difficult”, a thought that allows me to relax and simply focus on the next step.

There certainly is more in Scroll V than “make this day be your best…”, but my emotional reaction (shared above), kept me from delving into the rest.  From the seven laws of the mind that we have been studying, I know that what I need to do here is use the Law of Dual Thought and assign a different emotion to Scroll V.  There is treasure here and this scroll may have already inadvertantly helped me let go of things in the past that were holding me there (in the past) rather than living fully in the present.

Week 18 -I AM (the movie)

The movie “I AM” asks two main questions:  “What is wrong with the world” and “How can we make it better?” Both questions are addressed differently than our culture would address them.

The most striking and personally relevant thought to come through is that I choose how the world will be by my everyday actions.  I think I already knew this at some level.  The value of the film is that it effectively brings this message home and removes any lingering doubt its truth.

There is certainly more to the film, but watching it for yourself is better than reading anything that I might write further about it.

Week 17_HJ – Where I’m Going

Recently, I have found myself in resistance to doing all of the activities of the program. – experincing a little rebellion, even.  As I contemplated the common reasons for resistance in Weeks 14-18 that Mark presented in the webinar, I indeed identified with some of them.

Further reflection, however, led me to another possible reason for resistance.  That is a sense of incompleteness in my vision of where I am going to.  You see, I had left out of my DMP and my forward going vision, something near and dear to my heart.  Not seeing how I could do that AND the other things that I want, I had let it drop.  I let the “either or” become my expectation, rather than “both and”.

I brought this to my guide, who helped me through the thought process of allowing myself the possibility of “having it all” and giving myself permission to have what I truly want.


Week 17 – Scroll IV

Scroll IV of The Greatest Salesman is rich with topics to contemplate.

As I have been reading this scroll, two main themes are grabbing my attention.

The first reinforces running my business in a manner that reflects who I am rather than copying how others run theirs.  That sounds like freedom to me!

The second theme is a call to keep home life and business separate.  Easy to do if you work at a specific location for someone else.  More challenging when doing a home based business.

There are other thoughts expressed in this scroll as well, but these two are the ones motivating me to make some adjustments right now.